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Bad Robot Brain

Nebraska, U.S.A.

The world won’t last forever. Let's enjoy the fall.

The world won’t last forever. Let's enjoy the fall.

Good Times for the End of Days is the gift shop at edge of the apocalypse. Imagine standing upon the precipice of a bleak future, tucking your tongue firmly into your cheek then buying a t-shirt or sticker before jumping in.

In reality, these tchotchkes are the brain-children of doodler extraordinaire, Bad Robot Brain. Born at the absurd intersection of heavy music, cartoons, political theatre, and the empty promise of capitalism, Bad Robot Brain creates “art” that can only be considered lowbrow. He channels whatever anxieties are running around his overheated circuits at the moment and spits it out for the whole world to enjoy. This often manifests into skulls, monsters, pizzas, and tacos.

Occasionally, there is a deeper meaning to his art but more often than not he just puts out stuff that he thinks looks cool. What you ultimately get is a mixed bag of weird comic, horror, sci-fi, and socially conscious designs splashed across tees, skateboards, art prints, and the occasional mug.